CALPIU originated in 2003 from a network of researchers in sociolinguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis and communication studies at Roskilde University. Since 2007, CALPIU has been receiving financial support from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities. In 2009, CALPIU received a grant of 7 million Danish kroner for the purpose of consolidation as a research center.

The CALPIU Research Center now comprises about 50 researchers from 23 universities in Denmark, the other Nordic countries, and many countries within and outside Europe. The CALPIU Research Center includes at the moment almost 20 research projects, of which 9 are based at Roskilde University and of which 8 are funded in part by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities.

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CALPIU Secretariat


CALPIU Secretariat

Roskilde University, Bldg 3.2.5

Universitetsvej 1

4000 Roskilde

Phone: +45 4674 3034

Email: calpiu@ruc.dk


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