Time: 27-31 August 2012,

Venue: Roskilde University, Denmark

Organizer: CALPIU

Course outline

The general subject area of the CALPIU Research Training Course 2012 is the study of cultural and linguistic practices in educational settings, with special emphasis on multilingual practices that have emerged over the past two decades at institutions of higher education, mainly as a consequence of a dramatic increase in transnational student mobility. Despite the fact that internationalization is a ubiquitous buzzword in academia today, the phenomenon itself and its wide-ranging consequences for higher education in particular are not fully understood at present. Internationalization is often taken to refer simply to English medium instruction at non-Anglophone universities.However, internationalization is more than mere Anglicization. It is a complex and hybrid process that essentially and crucially involves an interplay between many languages and many cultures within the same institutional framework.

At the CALPIU Research Training Course (CRTC’12), participants will be introduced by leading experts in their fields to a number of theoretically-grounded methods that can be adopted in the study of interaction in educational settings of this sort. Participants will take part in sessions where theory is put to work through the analysis of their own data, and get the opportunity to improve their skills in handling various aspects of research that investigate multilingual interaction through a range of hands-on workshops. The course is designed with higher education in mind. However, since the program focuses on methods and tools for studying multilingual interaction, it may also be relevant for researchers working with multilingual interaction in other settings, for instance in primary school.


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The course, including preparation and active participation, carries a total of 4.0 ECTS credits. A certificate will be issued to participants who participate in at least 80% of the course (credits will be deducted in case of less than 100% participation).


We invite applications from students who are currently working on a PhD project that relates to the theme of the course. Applications from postdoctoral researchers and advanced MA students who are working on research projects related to the theme of the training course may also be considered.

The total number of participants is limited to 20.


The application should contain an outline of your research project under the following headings:
(1) Research idea and background
(2) Research question(s)
(3) Theoretical framework
(4) Data

(5) Methods (used for data collection and data analysis)

(6) Stage of the project (whether you are just beginning or perhaps about to finish)

(7) Suggestions for workshop topics at the course

Please also state your email address and affiliation, and indicate whether you would like to provide data for the data sessions during the course.

The application should not exceed 4000 characters, including spaces.

Applications should be sent to the course administrator, Julie de Molade, at The deadline for submitting applications has been extended to April 10, 2012.

Applicants will be notified of admittance shortly after May 1, 2012.

Please note that project descriptions will be distributed to all participants prior to the course.


The research training course is supported by a generous grant from Nordforsk, which means that participation is free for all 20 participants.

Participants from universities in the Nordic region are eligible for free accommodation and will have their travel expenses reimbursed (within reasonable limits).

Participants from universities outside the Nordic region are asked to cover their own travel expenses but will be given free accommodation.

The 20 places will be awarded on a competitive basis at the discretion of the project leader and the organizing committee.

Course Lecturers

Joseph Gafaranga
University of Edinburgh


Anna Mauranen
University of Helsinki

Emilee Moore

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Simona Pekarek-Doehler
Université de Neuchâtel


Marie Maegaard

University of Copenhagen


Johannes Wagner

University of Southern Denmark



CALPIU Research Training Course 2012 (CRTC’12):

Multilingual Interaction in Educational Settings

Workshop trainers

Anne H. Fabricius
Roskilde University/CALPIU


Hartmut Haberland

Roskilde University/CALPIU


Spencer Hazel
Roskilde University/CALPIU


Janus Mortensen
Roskilde University/CALPIU


Organizing committee

Hartmut Haberland (project leader)
Roskilde University/CALPIU


Kamilla Kraft (Academic Secretary)

Roskilde University/CALPIU

Janus Mortensen
Roskilde University/CALPIU