The local language as the language of internationalization


Hartmut haberland

In the present agenda (often considered defined by globalization) it is often assumed that university internationalization with its components of transnational student mobility, transnational staff mobility and overseas delivery, is crucially dependent on the use of a lingua franca. In this project, I want to investigate how university internationalization affects the language or languages spoken by the population of the host country and in particular, to which extent it motivates the learning of local languages by transnationally mobile students.

The investigation is based on interviews with a number of present or former short-term and long-term students at Roskilde University, who have or have not learned Danish during their stay. François Grins COD-model (Capacity, Opportunity and Desire), supplemented with a factor Need, is going to be used in the analysis.

Research questions include:

1. What motivates students to learn Danish and what works against them being motivated?

2. Is there a connection between length of stay and motivation to learn Danish?

3. Is there a difference between motivation to learn Danish for academic purposes or for everyday purposes?

Interviews are conducted in a number of languages (so far Danish, English, German and, with the help of Prof. David C.S. Li, Hong Kong, Putonghua and Cantonese) in order to let the students choose the language which they feel most comfortable to be interviewed in.

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