Internationalization and the invisible language? A language perspective into the Finnish higher education internationalization policy



Internationalization has been a policy catchword in Finnish higher education since the 1990s, but the position of language(s) in that context has remained largely unproblematized. This study fills two gaps in higher education policy studies as it 1) brings language (education) policies into the field of higher education policy research, and 2) places language explicitly into the study of internationalization. In addition to this empirical task, this study develops the field theoretically too as it continues to develop the notion of discursive operationalizations as bridging the gap between “policy words” and “policy deeds” (Saarinen 2007).

The study is conducted from a historical, discursive, and language practice viewpoint.

The Historical section of the study will analyze discursively existing research and policy documents on Finnish higher education, and asks the questions 1) What have, historically, the language and internationalization practices of Finnish universities been like? and 2) Does “language” have a role in the past and present  internationalization policy of Finnish higher education, explicitly or implicitly?

The Discursive section will include a detailed discourse analysis of policy documentation at different levels since the beginning of 1980s, asking the question 3) What challenges does the traditionally national language setting of Finnish higher education face with the increasing demands for internationalization? The discursive section also analyzes the discursive operationalization of language actions in policy documentation, asking 4) Are new kinds of policies emerging in Finnish higher education, when language(s) and internationalization are in focus?

The Language Practices section will use interviews of students (both Finnish and international) and staff (both teaching and administration), as well as additional textual documentation, such as job announcements, staff and student instructions, study plans etc. at institutional level, asking the questions 5) How do language practices in higher education interact and interconnect with internationalization policies and practices?) and 6) Do the ideologies of internationalization and the ideologies of a national tradition clash, as they are observed from a language practice perspective?

Research methods will vary across the three main questions, according to the needs of the question and the different kinds of data collected for the question.  Basically, the data will be analyzed critically with discourse analytical methods, concentrating on the position, meanings and representations of language in internationalization policies and practices. With a starting point in methods used in my doctoral thesis, the methodological tools will first be tested from an array of rhetorical and pragmatic starting points, and then the most suitable methods for the study will be selected.

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