CALPIU’12 Publication


We have selected 20 abstracts which cover macro as well as micro perspectives of students’ experiences with the international(ising) university. The fact that we have this many abstracts means that we will go for a volume in an internationally acclaimed book series.


Currently, the timeline looks like this. It may be subject to change:

  1. Abstract deadline 20 June, 2012

  2. Assessment of abstracts and decision on publication format by 15 August, 2012

  3. Book proposal done by 12 October, 2012

  4. Comments from authors by 19 October, 2012

  5. Application to publisher/journal during October/November

  6. When approved, deadline for papers four months later, probably between 1 March and 1 April, 2013

  7. Editorial process gets underway determined by publications procedures

Questions about the publication have to be sent to: 


Best wishes,

Anne Fabricius & Bent Preisler

Volume/Issue Editors

On the basis of the CALPIU’12 conference, CALPIU invited abstracts for an upcoming CALPIU’12 publication.

The title/theme of the volume is:

Transcultural Interaction and Linguistic Diversity in Higher Education: The Student Experience