CALPIU Research Projects


Within the multifaceted practice of a university, CALPIU examines five fields of practice, each of which represents a type of role relationship:

  1. Field of Practice 1

  2. The communicative practice and self-conception of the university as an actor in the multilingual world

  3. Field of Practice 2

  4. Student-teacher interactions

  5. Field of Practice 3

  6. Student-student interactions

  7. Field of Practice 4

  8. Student-administrative staff interactions

  9. Field of Practice 5

       Staff-staff interactions

Each field of practice contains the current research projects coordinated by or affiliated with the CALPIU Research Center. Projects that span more than one field of practice are listed under multiple headings.

Recordings of conversations within all five fields as well as other data material is collected in a comprehensive electronic database which aims to be representative of the linguistic and cultural practices of the international university.